Turing Scheme

Turing Scheme

At The United Schools Federation, we believe in expanding horizons and fostering global connections for our students. Through the Turing Scheme, a Government initiative designed to provide international opportunities for learners, we have embarked on transformative journeys to Finland and Canada, enriching the educational experiences of our primary school students.

In November 2023, we proudly accompanied some of our Year 6 federation students on an unforgettable expedition to Canada. Then, in April 2024, it was the turn of some of our Year 5 federation students to explore the wonders of Finland. These trips weren’t just about sightseeing; they were part of a broader mission to prioritise mental health awareness, collaborating with our international counterparts on innovative approaches to well-being.

At the USF, we are committed to providing amazing opportunities through the Turing Scheme. With successful trips to Finland and Canada under our belt, we continue to seek new avenues for enriching experiences that expand the horizons of our students.

Other schools within our federation are eagerly following suit, submitting applications for Turing Scheme funding to provide their students with similar enriching opportunities. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our reach and offer even more students the chance to broaden their horizons on the global stage.

You can learn more about the Turing Scheme here.

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