Letter from Executive Head

Thank you for visiting our website…

Our Federation motto is ‘Aiming higher, Achieving more together!’ and with our shared values of compassion, justice, friendship, courage and perseverance, this underpins the way that we work within the United Schools Federation.

We believe in the value of partnership, most importantly with parents, but also between our schools. We feel that partnership working significantly adds to the quality of education and care we can provide.

Our staff are experienced and highly skilled and, through our National Support School work, many of them have gained additional skills and experience by mentoring and coaching staff in other schools, helping them to improve and develop their practice.

Our schools follow the National Curriculum and this is taught using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC helps children to enjoy their learning ensuring it is both real and also purposeful. The curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to include current events and also aims to help children gain a good understanding about their role as global citizens. We feel that preparing children for the future is a clear priority and as such we have invested heavily in Information and Communication Technology so that all of the children have access to tablet or notebook computers.

We believe that education should be holistic and provide opportunities well beyond the national curriculum. We want children to be confident, well rounded individuals and as such ensure that they experience a wide range of opportunities. We offer a wealth of clubs in all our schools; some of these are unique to the school, while others take place across the partnership.

The clubs we offer are diverse and range from blogging, engineering (where children build and race go-karts) to scuba diving, caving, climbing, skiing, raft building, mountain biking (we have our own mountain bikes).

Each year we organise residential experiences for all the children from year two through to year six across the Federation. These experiences range from camping in the grounds of one of our schools, for the year two children, to staying at a multi activity centre in North Devon. We have five minibuses and use these to support our out of school activities.

We all have a common aim that all of the children within the Federation will achieve their full potential. Our teachers are well supported by a team of specialist staff including a counsellor, a drama therapist, a SENDCo team as well as an Educational Psychologist.

If you are interested in any of our schools, please look at the link on the website for more information or contact the school directly.

Thank you for your interest in our Federation.

Kind regards.

Martin Harding

Executive Headteacher